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Our Story

Engelbrektsloppet historia

Engelbrektsloppet was founded in 1968 by a few enthusiastic skiers who aimed to create an event that could support the local talented skiers financially. They also decided that women should be welcomed to take part, which wasn't allowed at Vasaloppet at that time.

1969 the first Engelbrektsloppet was held and the winner was Janne Stefansson from Sälen. 1970 was the first race with female skiers and the victory went to Irene Atterbring, Fagersta Södra IK.

1976 Engelbrektsloppet became a part of A Swedish Classic.

Engelbrektsloppet today

Today Engelbrektsloppet contains several races, both during summer and winter.

Engelbrektsloppet 60 km classic style, race- and amateur class.

Engelbrektsloppet 45 km classic style, amateur class only.

Engelbrektsloppet 30 km classic style, amateur class only.

Kristinaloppet 30 km classic style (only women), race- and amateur class.

Engelbrektsrullen, roller ski event during the summer, 20 km or 40 km.

All ski events is held annually during the second weekend of February with totally more than 4 000 participants. Engelbrektsloppet with more than 2 000 skiers taking part is the second largest ski race in Sweden.

A Swedish Classic


A Swedish Classic is a sporting challenge beyond the ordinary, where you within a 12 month period should ski Engelbrektsloppet or Vasaloppet, cycle Vätternrundan, swim Vansbrosimningen and run Lidingöloppet. You can start with any race you want, and then have one year to finish all four races. 

There are four classics and challenges, you can choose from.

Read more about them all here


Engelbrektsloppet are included in Euroloppet that consists of 16 long distance races across Europe. The races are open for both professionals and amateurs. You can choose between skate or classic races. The events are held in beautiful places in the Alps, the Pyrenees and other scenic ski resorts in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland et al. The amount of participants in all events ranging between 1000 and 2500 skiers.

Register for Euroloppet Passport

Euroloppet Passport fits all who wants to run several races across Europe. Your passport is stamped after each complete race. When you have reached 8 races within 10 years you will become a Euroloppet Champion, diploma, badge and many other benefits and offers follows with it. Get your Passport here

Good luck in the European ski events!

Become a club member

Looking for a Club when taking part in some of our races?

Membership in a Club connected to the Swedish Ski Association are compulsory if you want to sign up in the elite class. The membership contains an insurance that is valid during all official ski races within the annual membership period.

Sign up for membership in our own Club; Föreningen Engelbrektsloppet, together with your race registration.

Engelbrekts souvenir

Buy your Engelbrektsloppet souvenir on site in Norberg.

Price 80 SEK

Pick up your souvenir at Engelbrektsloppet Main Office at the finish area.