Engelbrektsloppet 60 km Classic style Feb 9th 2020 in Norberg.


DATE: February 9th 2020 in Norberg

CLASS: Race- and amateur class for Men and Women.


LATE REGISTRATION FEE: 1.200 kr (Feb 3-8th)

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: 1.500 kr (Feb 9th) between 07:00-09:00 am. Cash payment or SWISH. 

START, LAPING, FINISH: At the Square in central part of Norberg

TEKNIQUE: Classic style. Free style is prohibited. Violation against rules leads to disqualification. Controllers monitoring along the trail.

TRACKS: At least 2 tracks along the whole course. Slowly skiers please keep to the right, overtaking to the left. Please show consideration and don't change tracks and obstruct other skiers.

START CONFIRMATION: Will be send out to your email on Wednesday Feb 5th before the race. Please print or show a screen shot to be able to pick up your number bib.

START TIME: 10:00 for all classes. OBS: For amateurs your time starts individually when your chip activates when crossing the start line.

START GROUPS: Seeded start group in the race class are first in line at marked areas. In amateur class there are no seeding. Follow signs to find your start group.

SEEDING: Race class is divided into 4 groups. It's based on your start position that you have/had at Vasaloppet or Engelbrektsloppet 2019. Mention your wish about start position in our sign up form when register for the race.

Seeding options:
Elite - Seeded for Vasaloppet group 0-1 or better time then 3:28:08 at Engelbrektsloppet 2019
Group 1 - Seeded for Vasaloppet group 2-3 or better time then 4:00:33 at Engelbrektsloppet 2019
Group 2 - Seeded for Vasaloppet group 4-5 or better time then 4:27:21 at Engelbrektsloppet 2019
Group 3 all other in race class

TIME RESTRICTIONS: The 1st time cutt-off at the laping after 30 km at 14:30. The 2nd time cutt-off at Klackberg after 50 km at 16:45. The finish is closing at 18:00. If you haven't reached the finish before closing you wont get any official finish time.

PARKING: Please follow the signs.

WAXING SERVICE: Can be purchased and pre-booked: +46768474500 Place: Norbergs Glasmästeri

CLOTHES: Put your clothes and belongings in the plastic bag, you find it in your start envelope. Keep them on as long as possible or when the speaker tell you. Place the bag outside the start area behind the commercial banners. You pick them up at Frida Hansdotter Arena after the race. Show your number bib.

NUMBER BIB PICK UP: At the Exhibition center Frida Hansdotter Arena. Follow signs.

RACE OFFICE: At Exhibition center Frida Hansdotter Arena. Opening hours: Friday: 16:00–20:00 Saturday: 07:00–20:00 Sunday: 07:00–

INFORMATION DESK: At the Exhibition center, Frida Hansdotter Arena.

EXHIBITION CENTER OPENING HOURS: Friday: 16-00-20:00 Saturday: 07:00-20:00 Sunday: 07:00-

CHANGE AND SHOWER: At Central School and Frida Hansdotter Arena. Follow signs.

TIMEKEEPING: Place your chip around your foot ankle. You get your chip and instructions in the start envelope.

CHECKPOINTS: 2 checkpoints at Nordansjö, 1 checkpoint at laping, 2 checkpoints at Klackberg.

DRINKS: At Nordansjö after 9 km, at Klackberg after 21 km, at laping after 30 km, at Nordansjö after 39 km, at Klackberg after 51 km, and at the finish. You'll be served water, sport liquid, blueberry soup, bouillon, salt cucumber, coffee and buns.

COURSE SIGNS: There are signs every kilometer along the course showing the distance left to the finish.

ABANDONING THE RACE: If you have to abandon the race, please contact medicals at the nearest checkpoint. They will report to the race office that you have abandoned the race and arranging transportation to the finish.

RESULTS: Live during the race and a complete list after the race at our website. There will be separated lists for; Race class Men and Women. Amateur class Men and Women. The Race class will be presented as one list but each participant can see there results per age class as well.

PRICES: Price giving ceremony at 15:00 at the Square. Top 6 as following in race class: 10.000 SEK, 5.000 SEK, 4.000 SEK, 3.000 SEK, 2.000 SEK, 1.000 SEK. Price money will be payed to the athletes club.

SPRINT PRICE: 5.000 SEK to the first Male and Female skier at the checkpoint during the first lap. Only for race class.

MEDAL: All who fulfill the race get a medal after the finish. Those who fulfill for the 20th and 30th time get a special medal that will be given out at a special ceremony. You'll get a special invitation for that ceremony by post.

DIPLOMA: Will be send out by post late to all who fulfill the race. You chose if you want a Diploma at the registration check out.

FOOD SERVICE AFTER THE RACE: Possible to buy at Central School between after the race.

CHECK ROOM: At Frida Hansdotter Arena. Valuables returns only after shown number bib. Follow signs.

LOST AND FOUND: At the Frida Hansdotter Arena. After the event please contact Engelbrektsloppet Office at Engelbrektsgatan 73, +46 223-20419. Engelbrektsloppet don't take any responsibility for damaged or lost goods. Clothes that haven't been picked up before March 1st will be given away to charity.

MEDICAL: Medical staff are located directly after Finish, at check point Nordansjö and at the Square in Norberg. Warm cabin and scooter with sledge are available. Tel to scooter +46 70-259 84 90.

MEDICAL STAFF: At the finish area. Cell +46 70-616 7112

CANCELED RACE: If the race must be canceled due to lack of snow or too cold weather condition (-25 Celsius according to FIS-rules) 50% of the registration fee will be returned.

OTHERS: Participants, volunteers and spectators is present at the race on there own risk. The organizer is free from all responsibility for injured or similar that can happen during the race. Together with your registration for the race you also accept that your personal data is stored digitally and that your e-mail address can be used for information from us about our races and the activities closely connected to it. Engelbrektsloppet is qualified for start groups at Vasaloppet. Both race- amateur class is qualifying for start groups at Vasaloppet.

OBS: The course map can be changed due to lack of snow. Latest information at Engelbrektsloppet website.

Don't throw away trash. There are garbage can's at each check point. Or bring it back home. Empty gel packaging is dangerous for the animals. Please be careful with our nature. Engelbrektsloppet is environmentally certified.